About Kieranna Kathleen


I truly enjoy being a conference speaker, workshop speaker or just plain public speaking… the best part is sharing my heart, being real, being passionate about eternal values and caring for human beings then making that connection with the audience. Each speaking opportunity, each speaking moment is a unique moment in time, with unique individuals, never to be repeated again in time and space. What an awesome privilege to be part of the process of growing and sharing in this way with people.


I grew up in a Christian home and depending on where my family moved, we would attend the local Lutheran Church. Many times during my childhood, I would attend other Sunday Schools and Vacation Bible Schools in other churches such as Church of Christ, Baptist, and Disciples of Christ. In my senior year of High School, I re-dedicated my life to Christ. My father, Claude, is a retired minister who still occasionally fills in to preach in Congregational Churches. My sister, Deborah, is a tenured, full professor at Westmont Christian College in Santa Barbara.


I currently have a B.A. degree in Business Human Resource Management from Simpson University, an A.A. degree in Early Childhood Education from Shasta Community College. I have a variety of management and working experiences. I am also a Certified Dog Trainer & Mentor through the Animal Behavior College.


In 1981, I went on my first of many short-term missions trips into Mexico both in the rural and urban areas of the country. I have also been on numerous mission trips to various urban cities, rural communities, orphanages, and Native American reservations throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas including serving with “Youth Unlimited Gospel Outreach”, “SOS San Francisco” Little Country Church’s “School of Discipleship” and “Youth with a Mission”.

Non-Profit World

My “mission work” at the Crisis Pregnancy Center (later called CareNet Pregnancy Center and Medical Clinic) began when staying temporarily in the home of Roger & Joann Ralston, this home was to be the beginning of the CPC ministry, a maternity home housing 3 pregnant women at the time. While walking past the living room one evening a “steering committee for the formation of a Pregnancy Ministry” asked the question of how to raise funds this was to be my beginning and introduction to the CPC ministry.

I started out in the summer of 1984 coordinating CPC’s various fundraising activities. In September 1984 I attended CPC’s first volunteer lay counselor training seminar and in October 1984 became a volunteer lay counselor. Later I joined the speaking team in 1985. I became full-time paid staff in 1988 as Assistant Director/Development Director and in 1994 became Executive Director. I have attended numerous Lay Counseling and Crisis Intervention Workshops and Conferences; including training as a Lay Counselor in: Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicide Prevention, Grief and Loss. I have also attended  Bible Seminars/Workshops; Worship Leaders Seminars; Leadership Seminars and Christian conferences. Later I became a workshop and conference speaker both locally, regionally, and nationally.


After over 10 years of study and research, I made a major life decision and on September 20, 2003, I was Baptized and Chrismated into the Holy Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and given the new name Kieranna, after the Irish Saint Kieran of Clonmacnois. However, I have not lost the appreciation and roots of my early journey in Christianity. I considers myself still very evangelical, conservative, and also charismatic. She journeys through life trying to stay in the middle of the path, not veering to far off to the left nor to the right. She admits that she is a “work in progress” and is still on her journey of spiritual discovery knowing she will always be learning, growing and perfecting her faith until the “day of the Lord” arrives for her in time.

A Sabbatical

In March 2003, as Executive Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center she resigned for a much needed sabbatical. After taking her much needed sabbatical she decided to go into business and have “fun” using her wide variety of abilities, giving her the flexibility she desired and at the same time generate the income she needed.


Kathleen has the knowledge and experience to speak on a variety of subjects such as: Church History, Missions and Evangelism, Christianity and Culture, Crisis Intervention Lay Counseling, Grief and Loss, How to Cope with Disabilities and Health Issues, Brokenness and Restoration, Pilgrimage and Early Christian Spiritual Practices, the Sanctity of Human Life, Creation versus Evolution, Sexual Purity,  Love versus Infatuation, Abstinence & Healthy Relationships, and many other Christian/Biblical topics.

She has spoken to a wide variety of gatherings including youth groups, women’s groups, mission groups and has been the guest speaker for Sunday services and adult Sunday school classes. She has been a workshop speaker at the Greater Redding Area Christian Education (GRACE) Convention, sponsored by Shasta Bible College and North Valley Baptist Church (as well as a speaker at other conferences.)


Kathleen has assisted many organizations and churches in Board Retreats, Strategic Planning, Goal Setting, Fundraising, Donor Cultivation, and other Management topics.


Kathleen is a writer/author with past contributions to local/regional Christian magazines and newspapers and is currently working on a series of articles concerning the Christian life to be published at a later date.

Singer & Worship Leader

Kathleen is a singer, worship leader, & songwriter (with producing one CD for the Pregnancy Center, “Who Will”). She sings in a variety of occasions including Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Memorial Services and Funerals. Kathleen has led worship for very large conferences to very small groups, children’s groups, youth groups, women’s groups, Bible studies and Church services in different churches and denominations including, Baptist, Foursquare, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Church of Christ, Evangelical Free, Vineyard, and Calvary Chapels.


Kathleen has owned a variety of dogs throughout her life including many mixed breeds, German Shepherds, Hounds, Labs, Dobermans, Poodles, and Shelties. She began training her own dogs through the local Haven Humane Society and with the Nor Cal Dog Training Club. Five of her dogs (Jaime – Sheltie; Megan – Chocolate Lab, Patrick Ryan – Sheltie; Dani Joy – Sheltie; Skip – Italian Greyhound) have obtained the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizenship Award. Megan, Patrick Ryan and Dani Joy have earned titles in the dog racing sport called Flyball with Megan achieving FDCh before she crossed over the “rainbow bridge”. Patrick Ryan and Dani Joy have earned titles in AKC Rally Obedience. Skip has his CGC, CGCA, CGCU and recently passed his Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog Titles. Kathy has also trained her dogs in obedience, agility activities, canine musical freestyle and tricks.

She is a professional dog trainer. In the past she has been an instructor for Nor Cal Dog Training Club and Petco. Currently, she owns her business,  K9 Kelts Dog Training offering a variety of classes such as: puppy socialization training, family manners and beginning obedience, agility for fun, rally obedience, flyball for fun, tricks, canine musical freestyle, heel-work-to-music, intermediate and advanced training classes. She is a Certified Dog Trainer and Mentor through the Animal Behavior College. Kathy is also an American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator & Trainer and as such offers: AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Classes & Certification; CGC, CGC-Advanced (Community Canine), CGC-Urban Classes & Tests and NOW the all NEW AKC Trick Dog Title testings.


Kathleen has been twice to Ireland, first researching the early Irish Saints and ancient Celtic Christianity and then later making a pilgrimage to Ireland’s Holy sites; including the monastery ruins of Clonmacnois, St. Kieran’s Holy Well in Kells, one of the monasteries St. Columcille established, the monastery of St. Brigid in Kildare, the monastery ruins of St. Kevin’s in Glendalough and many other holy ancient places.

Along with playing the Guitar, Kathleen also enjoys playing musical instruments and especially Woodwind instruments. Kathleen plays the Guitar, Flute, Recorder and the Irish Tin Whistle. In Jr. & Sr. High School along with playing the flute (since 6th grade) she also played alto and baritone saxophone, French horn, bugle and learned a little piano.

Her hobbies include gardening, bird watching and enjoying the outdoors.

Her desire is to be a ministry tool in the hands of God for encouragement, healing, reconciliation, and growth.

Kathleen has chosen to remain single, serving the Lord in whatever her hand finds to do. She lives with her Italian Greyhound named Skip; along with her roommate and friend, Dee, with her two Havana Brown cats, Alexandria Rose and Misty Rose.

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