Speaker and Writer/Author

Bringing the Spiritual into Our Ordinary Lives…

I have been blessed with the knowledge and experience to speak on a variety of subjects such as “the Sanctity of Human Life”, “Creation versus Evolution”, “Evangelism”, “Sexual Purity, Abstinence & Healthy Relationships” and other Christian/Biblical Ethical topics.

I have spoken to a wide variety of gatherings including youth groups, women’s groups, mission groups and been the guest speaker for Sunday services and adult Sunday school classes. I have been a workshop/conference speaker at several local, regional and national conferences.

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Church History
  • Missions and Evangelism
  • Christianity and Culture
  • Christian Living & Spirituality
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Crisis Intervention Lay Counseling
  • Grief and Loss
  • How to Cope with Disabilities and Health Issues
  • Brokenness and Restoration
  • Pilgrimage and Early Christian Spiritual Practices
  • Pro-Life, Crisis Pregnancy, Abortion, and Sanctity of Human Life Issues
  • Women’s issues
  • Being Single and Content
  • Creation versus EvolutioN
  • Sexual Purity, Love versus Infatuation, Abstinence & Healthy Relationships
  • many other Christian/Biblical topics
  • Dog Training topics (let’s not forget her experience and expertise as a professional dog trainer)

I have spoken to a wide variety of gatherings from small to large 1,500+ capacity audiences in local, regional and national settings including:

  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Churches
  • Small or Large Groups
  • Non-Profit Groups
  • Civic Groups
  • Events, Banquets, Walk-a-thons, Fundraisers, Concerts
  • Singles, College, & Youth Groups
  • Elementary, Middle & High Schools

She had had articles and columns that have been featured and published locally, regionally, and nationally:

  • specific “trade” publications
  • training manuels
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • and a variety of miscellaneous newsletters.

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