Professional Dog Trainer

I have owned a variety of dogs throughout my life including many mixed breeds, German Shepherds, Hounds, Labs, Dobermans, Poodles, and Shelties.

I began training my own dogs over 26 years ago through the local Haven Humane Society and with the Nor Cal Dog Training Club.

Five of my dogs (Jaime – Sheltie; Megan – Chocolate Lab, Patrick Ryan – Sheltie; Dani Joy – Sheltie; Skip – Italian Greyhound) have obtained the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizenship Award.

Megan, Kathy’s first dog to actively train in dog sports proved to be one of the most challenging dogs she had ever owned. Megan achieved her obedience title after lots of hard work. Of course, there are many times “I wish I could start over with the knowledge I have now and perhaps Megan would have had an easier and definitely more fun time of learning and competing.” The world of dog training has changed in the last 25+ years. Animal behavior science has given so many more tools to help us connect, communicate and bond with our dogs in a more meaningful, positive and rewarding

Megan, Patrick Ryan and Dani Joy have earned titles in the dog racing sport called Flyball with Megan achieving FDCh before she crossed over the “rainbow bridge”.

Patrick Ryan, Dani Joy, and Skip have earned titles in AKC Rally Obedience.

Skip has his CGC, CGCA, CGCU and his Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog Titles. At 13+ years old, Skip is still learning new “tricks”. He currently has 1 of 2 legs towards his Farm Dog Title. All this goes to show that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

I have also trained her dogs in obedience, agility activities, tracking, canine musical freestyle and tricks.

In the past I have been an instructor for Nor Cal Dog Training Club and Petco.

I graduated with honors and am a mentor through the Animal Behavior College.

I am also an American Kennel Club (AKC) Farm Dog Judge, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator & Trainer and as such offers: AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Classes & Certification; CGC, CGC-Advanced (Community Canine), CGC-Urban Classes & Tests and NOW the all NEW AKC Trick Dog Title testings.

My business, K9 Kelts Dog Training offers a variety of classes such as: puppy socialization training, family manners and beginning obedience, agility for fun, rally obedience, flyball for fun, tricks, canine musical freestyle, heel-work-to-music, intermediate and advanced training classes.

For more information on her dog training and latest class dates and information visit this website: K9 Kelts Dog Training