A Brief Introduction

I am a Dog Trainer, Singer, Inspirational Motivational Speaker, Writer.

I truly enjoy being a conference speaker, workshop speaker or just plain public speaking… the best part is sharing my heart, being real, being passionate about eternal values and caring for human beings then making that connection with the audience. Each speaking opportunity, each speaking moment is a unique moment in time, with unique individuals, never to be repeated again in time and space. What an awesome privilege to be part of the process of growing and sharing in this way with people.

I play the Guitar, Flute, Recorder, Irish Tin Whistle. I love to read, love history, love theology, love Celtic Christianity. I enjoy birdwatching, camping, houseboating, gardening, reading, music and fishing. I LOVE THE TRIUNE GOD!

I have a wonderful family and faithful friends… I love them so deeply. God has truly blessed me!

I invite you to visit my other websites/blogs: K9 Kelts Dog Training, Kieranna’s Blog

Thank you for visiting!

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