Religious Experience or Truth?

In an editorial in our local newspaper a former Military Chaplain was quoted, “I realized so many innocent people are dying again in the name of God…I just decided I’m done. … I will not be part of any church that unleashes its clergy to preach that particular individuals or faith groups are damned.”

Ancient Celtic, Norse, Druid, Witchcraft has historically been about blood sacrifices, including human sacrifices at the feasts and seasons of the year to appease the gods and goddesses. Even the Celts, Norse & Druids were fierce and feared people for their brutalities.

This Chaplain may be fed up with violence, the lack of peace, the discord, the hate, but ALL religions have displayed discrimination against those that would oppose their “brand” of religion or faith.

TRUE CHRISTIANITY or better put the CHRISTIAN GOD is not guilty for the sins of man. It does not make Christianity invalid or not true. How many Christians were murdered, children, pregnant women, infants and monastic, by the ancient Celts, Norsemen, Vikings, and even Ancient Muslims?

Just because violence exists amongst mankind does not make one religion valid over another. Both Gandhi & Jesus Christ walked difficult, peaceful, loving paths in this life, both were persecuted and suffered, both showed us examples to live by.

The real questions are “What is Truth?” “Who is God?” “What is my relationship to Truth and to God?” In our society of relativism, there is no longer a standard of truth. We craft our own truth to fit our own needs. So my truth may not be your truth. This may sound reasonable, but it is illogical. My truth may actually conflict with your truth therefore true peace does not exist unless we can agree on Universal Truths. Even Wicca’s make their religion to fit their needs, calling on ancient gods or goddesses to meet their own particular need or desire. Most don’t want to harm others and want to follow the “Reed” (their creed), however, there are always those that can justify using the spells and gods, goddesses to actually do harm to others.

Often we don’t like Truth when it comes face to face. Often we don’t like God when we come face to face. Rather we try to make something “fit” to which we are comfortable with rather than deal with Truth and aligning our lives to that Truth no matter how hard it may be. If we seek real Truth, we will find. If we truly want to seek God or the ALL, then we must truly be willing to let go of our own agenda, our own self, and our own pre-conceived ideas. We must be historical, accurate, honest and logical. We must realize that we are only human beings amongst a very small earth in a vast universe. If there is a God, this God is certainly bigger than us and can not be controlled by our whims and wishes. I restate: What is Truth? Who is God? What is my relationship to Truth and God that is beyond my control or power? This is the heart of an honest seeker of the meaning of life.

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