Those Drops… by Kathleen Dunn, ©


Can I really hold back the tears?

Can I really hold back the rain?

I may put on a hat to keep my head dry.

I may put on a coat so I won’t get a chill.

I may wear the right shoes so my feet won’t get cold… or so I am told.

I put up my umbrella, to give me additional cover.

Because all those harassing drops make me look something awful

After all, as you know, I have my appearance to keep up.

So I run to my car, my work and my house

To hide out & escape where it’s safe & it’s warm.

But alas, a few drops have fallen on my glasses

I can’t see very clear, my direction is cloudy.

I feel trapped, shut up inside, with no place to go.

But at least I’m safe & I’m dry for awhile.

Oh, Why does it have to sprinkle or pour?

Yes, I know we need it

…to water dry thirsty land

…to fill our rivers & lakes

…to purify & to cleanse

But every time the drops begin to fall

I just have to find shelter after all

So when it starts to come, I retreat inside

Tidy things up & organize.

As a child I remember, if you get caught in bad weather…

you might catch a cold, get sick & might die.

I never seemed to really understand why.

‘Cuz, I still got awfully sick even when I stayed inside.

Oh, but to be like a carefree child again & to play in the drops.

Let them fall…

so I can stomp in the puddles

so I can kick in the splash.

To be like a Child

Let the drops fall…

on my hands, palms upturned

& my eyes tightly closed

& my face heavenward

Let the drops fall…

on my tongue hanging out…

to water my thirst

to fill my dry soul

to cleanse me from my head to my toe.

ImageAnd if by some great miracle

Those drops turn to flakes…

What delight, what freedom, what joy

All my sins tho’ scarlet will be white like snow

Then I’ll lie down in it’s soft pillow white

And flutter a bit with my arms spread wide

For when I rise up I’ll see my angel behind.